The WORLD Pallet AG wants to consistently strengthen its market position through innovative ideas and farsighted product development and expand or grow with powerful market partners.

The world and therefore international commerce grow more and more together. Thus the hitherto existing requirements in the individual markets are numerous and complex. Thus global functioning and operational solutions shall be demanded in future. Solutions that will ensure the corresponding competitive advantages of our distribution partners.

A powerful brand name

The brand name constitutes the basis of our corporate policy. A powerful brand name that creates confidence. A brand name with which we want to unify markets so as to simplify the movement of goods.

Creative development – innovative progress

As a global player with farsightedness we always think one step ahead of time and constantly develop new solutions for the pallet market.
And we walk the talk: With the WORLD pallet we have, for the first time, layed the foundation stone for an international uniform pallet standard. We have, with the first serial-production of the RFID wooden pallets, created a further novelty in the market that will revolutionise the logistic market.

Heading together for success

Our licensees are hereby at the centre of our work. We owe them our entire appreciation. The development of business relationships based on partnership is paramount to us. We are used to working with powerful partners, who, just like us, absolutely stand behind this concept of WORLD pallet. Only through this means can we achieve success.