Application for Manufacture Licence

The following criteria must be fulfilled for the manufacture of WORLD pallets:

Compliance criteria for the manufacture of WORLD pallets

In order to be eligible to manufacture WORLD pallets, manufacturers must be authorized by WORLD Pallet AG, through a manufacturing or repair license. WORLD pallet manufacturers must also work and operate in accordance with WORLD high quality standards. Each company must possess a valid contract with the WORLD Pallet AG and must subsequently publish the issued certificate on their homepage.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. All WORLD pallets must be manufactured in an approved production process in accordance with WORLD standards and specifications in order to guarantee a consistent level of quality.
  2. A well-functioning Quality Management System must be in place and approved by WORLD PALLET.
  3. Each manufacturer must offer a quality guarantee with respect to their WORLD PALLET to their customers.

Application for a WORLD License:

If you are interested in joining our WORLD group to manufacture or repair WORLD pallets, simply send us an e-mail: Application for trademark licence. We will get back with you promptly with further details.

License requirements must be completely fulfilled and will be constantly monitored.