United States

Our vision is for WORLD pallets to become the international standard in the shipment of goods.

With WORLD pallets your company will speak the same language as your customers.

For the U.S., market, WORLD has developed the type 100, 48" x 40" Block pallet. The type 100, being similar in design and performance to rental block pallets used by multinationals and major distribution centers.

In addition, WORLD has a family of pallets that offer quality, flexibility and value, including; 48" x 40" Stringer pallets, Euro-pallets, half-pallets, medium and light duty pallets.

Through our network of licensed manufacturers WORLD pallet offers U.S., companies a solid option for the shipment of their products throughout North America and beyond.

Whether you are a pallet end-user or manufacturer, we invite you to share in our vision and join us.

If you are looking for pallets, or are interested in becoming a WORLD pallet producer or repair partner, please contact us and we will provide you with all necessary information.

Please contact us at: info@worldpalletamerica.com

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