The European market

The concept of „Euro-pallet“ has in the course of time developped to a generic name and now stands for returnable and pool pallets according to DIN EN 13698-1.
The most popular generic names currently are Tempo, Tesa, Walkman and Jeep.

Due to the fact that all pool pallets of the trade marks EPAL, WORLD, CHEP, LPR are manufactured in accordance with the same DIN standard, they are characterized by their identical or absolutely same technical properties. The fundamental idea of this standardisation is a complete interchangeability of the same products during production, employment, implementation, handling and application.

Europalleten Gattungsname

Representation of the proprietary situation of wooden pallets in the pallet format 800 mm x 1200 mm designated as „EUROPALLET“ under the new trademark “WORLD”

The construction of the pallet model generally known as „EUROPALLET“ was already pre-described in the utility patent writ of Mr. Julius Hofer / Erbach (Odenwald) of the 31st of March 1966 as the state of the art (Published by the German Patent Office under the Patent Utility Number DE 1 935 973 U1), whereby in his writ, Mr. Hofer, today, still attempts to optimise this manufactured design.

In the meantime the pallet design described in the state of the art of the DE 1 935 973 U1 is being manufactured under several proprietary names in standardised frame sizes and mostly offered in the market in the pallet format 800 mm x 1200 mm, generally known by the consumer as “EUROPALLET”.

The following trademarks are declared, with respect to the identification of the commodity group “wooden pallets”:


The trademark name „WORLD“ is clearly and distinctive different from the other trademarks already introduced in the market with respect to the identification of (wooden) pallets, such as „EPAL“, „CHEP“ or „LPR“.

Of course, this new trademark can therefore be employed alongside or parallel to the already known trademarks in the market.


  • That the trademark is a new, World-wide, declared/registered trademark for wooden pallets
  • That with respect to its dimension and its multiple use, all the PALLETS (also known by the consumer as „EUROPALLET“ in the pallet dimensions 800 mm x 1200 mm) of the trademark fulfil the same technical requirements just as all other „EUROPALLETS“ / Pallet dimension 800 mm x 1200 mm of the trademarks „EPAL“, „CHEP“ and „LPR“
  • That of course the PALLETS of the trademark are also re-useable and returnable pallets, i.e. exchangeable pallets
  • That the pallets („EUROPALLETS“ / pallet dimension 800mm x 1200 mm ) of the trademark offered are an alternative to the hitherto existing „EUROPALLETS“ offered by the other providers
  • That the PALLETS offered under the trademark in the pallet dimension 800 mm x 1200 mm can be employed parallel or as an alternative to the „EUROPALLETS“ of the other providers