The WORLD Pallet in Europe

World Pallet
returnable and exchangeable
pallet 800mm x 1.200mm
worldwide used and implemented*
high-rack stackable
6.000kg load range
Euro-pallet according to DIN EN 13698-1
* In conjunction with IPPC / ISPM15 standard

The WORLD pallet is a returnable and exchangeable pool pallet in the euro-pallet format 800mm x 1.200mm. WORLD has fully established itself in the European pallet market since its introduction at the beginning of 2008.

The operating range
The WORLD pallet is returnable and exchangeable, employed and implemented in all industrial and commercial sectors – from the chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile, Iron, steel and construction industries, to the packaging, synthetic and food sectors.

The WORLD pallet is designed and manufacturer to be employed in fully automated production processes such as during loading and removal in high rack warehouses and conveyor systems. The WORLD pallet meets all European and International logistics requirements for export pallets. Fully compliant and recognized as an international pallet with a worldwide normalized standard that is universally employed and internationally returnable, also known under the generic name „Euro-pallet“.

Manufacture and repair
In the manufacturing area Falkenhahn AG has the exclusive manufacturing rights for the production of WORLD pallets in Europe. To insure WORLD’s uncompromising commitment to quality an independent third party pallet quality control auditing system for WORLD-euro pallets is carried out by SGS Germany. SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company

For WORLD pallet repairs there are a large number of regionally active repairers. In addition, the company W-PAL is able to offer Europe wide repair services, including the repair and sorting of pallets at customer’s premises. For further information on these services please contact W-PAL directly at:

WORLD is looking for additional repair and maintenance partners to service WORLD pallets in continental Europe.