North America

The WORLD pallet has been fully established in Europe in the standard EURO PALLET configuration and being used in all major industries such as the; chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile, iron, steel, construction, packaging, synthetics and food sectors, as a returnable and exchangeable pool pallet.

Our goal is to create a trusted WORLD quality standard for the Global market.

WORLD has been established in North America, as we continue to grow our strategic partnerships.

WORLD offers seven pallet types for the North American market. These pallet types include block and stringer configurations.

WORLD pallets are not rental or property pallets, they are resale and/or exchangeable pallets with important advantages for the customer.

WORLD Paletten

All WORLD pallets:

  • are not rental or property pallets.
  • are based on pallet standards used by transnational companies and logistics services providers.
  • meet the quality criteria of large manufacturers, distributors and retailers
  • WORLD pallets can be produce with existing and commercially available lumber species within your region that meet WORLD quality standards.
  • Can be resold into the market for multiple use.

If your company requires pallets for your operations in North America, please visit:

If you are a pallet manufacturer and are interested in joining WORLD, we are issuing territorial licensing agreements for the production and repair of WORLD pallets.

Our licensees and our customers are an integral part of our vision. We will strive to meet your high expectations.

For more information or questions:

World Pallet America LLC
4073 Ophie Dr.
Marietta, GA 30066 - USA