Vision & Goals

Uniform dimensions

There is presently no uniform dimension for the European, American and Asian markets. We want to change this current state. Whence we are intensively working on the development of new pallet standards for re-useable and exchangeable wooden pallets that are worldwide recognised and implemented in the production of pallets.

Standard Norm

A pallet that can be employed worldwide as a pool pallet with standardized norms and dimensions. It creates synergies, saves costs and enhances competitive capabilities of our market partners.
Green Logistics plays an elementary role in all our considerations: Valuable resources can be conserved as well as the emmiussion of CO2 can be considerably reduced through the recyclability or reusability and the worldwide exchangeability of the WORLD pallet.

A uniform pallet standard

In order to implement these ambitious goals an international wide spread diffusion of the WORLD pallet in all the continents is necessary. Thus the WORLD pallet should also be manufactured, in future, worldwide and an international networlk of manufacturing factories and repair services must be established.
We want thereby to creat a reliable and uniform standard for all users of wooden pallets – the Standard