Quality across continents

The current and future success of our brand and that of our licensees is based on a constant, consistent and irreproachable product quality. Therefore the WORLD pallet, as a registered brand name, is subjected to very stringent quality guidelines. Whereby we guarantee a uniform Standard.

Only those companies that share our vision and are willing to meet our strict quality criteria are approved as licensees. These are companies that manufacture WORLD pallets in automated production facilities and in accordance with our strict quality standard and specifications.

WORLD's pursuit for excellence forges relationships with two powerful and internationally recognized quality auditing companies, TUEV Thuringia and TP.

We, the WORLD PALLET AG have partnered with the TUEV Thuringia to perform as our independent quality control and quality assurance pallet auditing service provider for the European market's WORLD Euro-pallets. The TUEV Thuringia brings forth their internationally renown experience and reputation for the benefit of our customers.

In parallel, the WORLD PALLET AG has partnered with the certification company Timber Products Inspection to perform as our primary independent quality control and quality assurance pallet auditing service provider in North and South America. Timber Products Inspection draws on extensive industry experience across the forest industry sectors.

Our goal at WORLD PALLET is to ensure a consistent level of uniformity and quality via regular monitoring throughout our network of licensed pallet manufactures and repair facilities.
These measures are put in place in order to insure our customers that all WORLD-pallets, regardless of their country of manufacture, will comply with the applicable standards and regulations.


TUEV Thuringia

Quality warranty

Through our third party pallet auditing service providers we can guarantee the strict adherence to our quality guidelines by all of our licensees. And there for we can insure all WORLD pallet users a consistent level of quality and reliability. And furthermore, as a user of pallets, we offer you the ability to actively monitor our quality standards by informing us of any quality violations that may arise.

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