Against to different reports

WORLD pallet repair service is secured

The repair service for WORLD euro pallets is well provided throughout Europe. Against to unauthorized other reports from the 29.9.2016 it covers a large number of WORLD-licensed repair companies in the whole Europe. Send us your repair request, we will forward it to a WORLD repair license partner in your area.


WORLD PALLET AG goes to South America

WORLD pallet has with Pallet Collar a strong Partner in Argentina. The Pallet for the south American Market is called type 300 and is a 1.000 mm x 1.200 mm Block Pallet which is compatible with the MERCOSUR pallet, ARLOG pallet from Argentina and PBR pallet from Brazil.

WORLD Pallet-Quality across continents

WORLD pallets are known through the high Quality over the continents. The external and independent WORLD quality auditing is being constantly implemented by the SGS Germany GmbH in Europe and TP on the American continent.
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WORLD-euro pallets with a nationwide Repair network

We have a Europe wide licensed pallet repair and sorting service available. This service complements our many regional partners.

Talk to the competent customer service at the 24/7 Hotline +49 251 981156-1297 The company W-PAL is able to offer nationwide repair services, including the repair and sorting of pallets at customer's premises.



We are proud to inform you that we have a powerful licensee in America. He is responsible for the whole continent and will provide information and support you in any cases.

Now we are expanding the WORLD pallet into America, as we introduced the WORLD standard in this critical market and thus move another step closer to our goal of establishing a common worldwide pallet, the WORLD pallet.

The trademark  has been fully established in Europe as an internationally recognized brand pallet. Our customers trust in our quality and uniform High-tech production standards as our pallets move across the globe.

Making the WORLD pallet as an integral part of your logistics will:

  • generate synergies in a variety of logistics processes
  • create measurable cost savings
  • increase efficiency and sustainable competitiveness

Please contact directly Mr. Juan I. Diaz at

Contact data of the Main office:
World Pallet America LLC
4073 Ophie Dr.
Marietta, GA 30066 - USA
Telephone: 770-893-8833


5 years of WORLD pallets in the European Market
5 years of choice, innovation and globality.

At the beginning of the year 2008 the European success story of WORLD-pallets began. The basic idea was to break a monopolistic structure in the open pallet exchange pool. The new brand was envisioned based on an independent system known for decades, the re-usable, freely exchangeable euro pallet according to DIN EN 13698-1 in the standard size 800 x 1.200 mm: The goal was a high quality pallet for Europe wide service to all industries.

Five years ago we introduced an alternative euro pallet under the brand , and since then millions of wooden pallets have been manufactured and distributed to all corners of European industry. WORLD pallet has risen in the market place due to its highly advanced manufacturing processes, adhering to strict quality standards and offering excellent value.

The arguments for WORLD pallets are second to none; quality, consistency, timely delivery and price leadership. These four properties are particularly appreciated in all industries that employ for the most part new pallets. Many companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, including the automotive, construction and packaging industries are therefore pleased with WORLD pallets. Here, the new Euro pallet has captured a respectable share of the market.

5 years of WORLD pallets - 5 years of innovation

WORLD pallet is at the forefront of innovation for the further improvement of the standard euro pallet concept. WORLD pallet’s innovative approaches and services have animated the entire pallet system in Europe: WORLD PALLET AG is the first Euro pallet producer to exploit RFID technology. Demonstrating WORLD pallet’s drive to find new ways to improve the logistics supply chain. We strongly believe our products and services should be in constant evolution, even in a long established and know product, for the benefit of efficiency and our customers.

WORLD pallets

The WORLD-pallet brand is being implemented worldwide

The Licensor WORLD PALLET AG has worked since its foundation with the goal of standardizing the logistics market in the field of wooden pallets for the sake of efficiency and its associated benefits to large scale manufacturers, retailers, and shippers. Accordingly, the trade mark is registered worldwide for reusable, returnable pallets. With a strong foothold in Europe already established, WORLD PALLET AG has began its expansion towards the international markets: The Americas office was established in late 2012, and it is laying the foundations for a network of WORLD pallets producers in North America.

WORLD pallets are pool pallets

Like all euro pallets, WORLD pallets are actively involved in the infrastructure of the European pallet exchangeable and reusable market:

  • Returnable and exchangeable
  • Worldwide employed and implemented
  • High-rack stackable

Market tested and employed for 5 years

Due to their high quality, WORLD pallets have been implemented in all industrial and commercial sectors – from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, to the automobile industry, Iron, steel and construction industries, to the packaging, synthetic and food sectors. In fully automated production processes such as during loading and removal, in high rack warehouses and in materials handling and conveyor techniques.
Our powerful licensee, the Falkenhahn AG, has been manufacturing WORLD pallets in Europe for five years. With a production capacity of 10 million pallets a year, an inventory of several days of production and just-in-time logistics, with its own fleet gives the manufacturer the necessary speed and flexibility in the delivery to customers all over Europe.