WORLD pallet with RFID-technology

RFID Palette

The WORLD pallet is also the first wooden pool pallet in serial production available with RFID technology.
In collaboration with the licensee of the WORLD pallet for Europe, the Falkenhahn AG, we have succeeded to integrate the RFID-Technology in the pallets or pallet production. That is, an invisible transponder can be integrated into a pool pallet. Whence a pool pallet made out of wood can, for the first time, be manufactured serially with the RFID-Technology.

The application of such a RFID pallet facilitates the automated identification of pallets and goods, thus an automatic inventory management – without intervisibility between the storage processing medium and the reading device – manual identification is not applicable. This therefore leads to considerable costs savings and increase in efficiency.

The carrying capacity of RFID pallets and the transponders was tested during different practical tests.
Result: The technology resits extreme tresses and strains.