Criteria for the exchange of WORLD pallets

We, the WORLD Pallet AG, recommend the implementation of the exchange of pallets in compliance with the current application recommendation of the GS1. According to this recommendation the used pallets are to be arranged in class A, B and C.

On damage or non serviceable pallets, these will be repaired back to standards or disposed of by an authorized repair facility.

A World pallet presenting any of the following conditions must be repaired by an authorized repair facility before it can be exchanged. If pallet is dimed un-reparable it will be taken out of service and properly disposed of.

  • Missing or broken components in any area of the pallet
  • Not meeting guaranteed loading capacity
  • Damaged or distorted blocks or protruding nail heads
  • Loose components or fixing materials
  • contaminated or highly soiled or polluted pallets
World- und Europaletten

Or in short: if the pallets do not meet the standards