South America

WORLD pallet is present in North America and expanding into South America as we continue to grow our international strategic partnerships.

Recognizing a need for standardization WORLD has developed a pallet for the South American Market called the WORLD pallet type 300.

The WORLD type 300 is a 1000mm x 1200mm block pallet with similar dimensions and load capacity as Mercosur, ARLOG and PBR pallets.

In addition, if you are importing or exporting goods from South America, WORLD offers a family of pallet types for international trade or to meet specific customer requirements.

WORLD pallets are not rental or property pallets, they are resale, exchangeable pallets that offer important advantages for your customers.

WORLD Paletten

All WORLD pallets:

  • are not rental or property pallet
  • are based on pallet standards used by transnational companies and logistics services providers
  • meet the quality criteria of large manufacturers, distributors and retailers
  • can be produce with existing and commercially available lumber species within your region that meet WORLD quality standards.

If you are looking for pallets that comply with international standards, or are a manufacturer or repair facility interested in joining WORLD, please contact us.

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